Terres des Hommes Amlat

We built the web editorial portal for the NGO Switzerland when it had operations in Latin America.

The portal worked with WordPress cms, with independent edition users from the following countries: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Haiti, Panama and Peru.
We made an integration with google maps and an email subscription system so that the client can generate a database.

Terre des hommes is the biggest the largest Swiss organization
for child support.

Each year, our health and protection projects help more than two million children and their families, in more than thirty countries.

In Latin America, TDH implements restorative juvenile justice projects, migration of children and adolescents, perinatal health, and child protection system in Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Nicaragua, Panama and Haiti. Juvenile justice is the priority theme in Latin America, where it is the pioneer and reference organization in this area, with recognized knowledge and results. Today, he develops projects in juvenile justice in all the countries of the area.